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This template generates an interwiki link with a custom displayed text color. It does not work on external links.

The template takes on the form:

{{ColorIntLink|Color|Page name|Displayed text|u=}}

Required fields[править]

The following fields must be filled. The rest are optional.

  • color
    • The color used for the displayed text.
    • If using hex triplet (ex. #000000) the # must be replaced with #.
  • Page name
    • The name of the page to be linked to.

Optional fields[править]

The following are some notes on optional fields.

  • Displayed text
    • Displayed text replaces Page name as the text displayed by the link.
    • The entered string will be displayed exactly.
  • u
    • Any non-empty value makes the link text underlined.


{{ColorIntLink|#CC0000|Terran Dominion|Big bad wolf}}

Big bad wolf

{{ColorIntLink|#CC0000|Terran Dominion|u=x}}

Terran Dominion