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This template is used to modify the color of text. This may be used inside link code.

The template takes on the form:


Required fields[править]

The following fields must be filled. The rest are optional.

  • color
    • The color used for the displayed text.
    • If using hex triplet (ex. #000000) the # must be replaced with #.
  • Text
    • The text the color will be applied to.

Optional fields[править]

The following are some notes on optional fields.

  • u
    • Any non-empty value makes the link text underlined.


{{ColorText|#ADDFFF|Light blue text|u=}}

Light blue text

Extrawiki links[править]

[http://www.blizzard.com/ {{ColorText|#CC0000|Home of the GOD (Giver Of Data)|u=x}}]

Home of the GOD (Giver Of Data)

[http://www.sc2pod.com/trackers/blue/starcraft-2/?id=902 {{ColorText|#123456|'''Beta Keys to be added to Contests'''|u=x}}]

Beta Keys to be added to Contests